Unlearn Innovation Pvt Ltd launches Trouve

Unlearn Innovation Pvt Ltd launches Trouve

Jan 05, 2023 16:42 IST

New Delhi [India], January 5 (ANI/PNN): In the era of digitalization, visual search is important. Many e-commerce platforms grabbed the importance of visual search and are now booming. We all know how minute the design of jewellery is. Consumers sometimes look for exact designs, and they don’t want to wait.
Consumers are less than 18 per cent satisfied when the waiting period is huge. They tend to shift from one brand to another when a present brand fails to provide the right product at the right time.
Businesses like jewellery, where the smallest stone speaks in thousands, need sound consumer management. The enhancing power of consumers on every business is unmatched. To tap that power into boosting your business, Trouve is launched by an award-winning company Unlearn Innovation PVT LTD.
A market of USD 269.19 billion demands everything from scratch to the cloud. A business managing everything under the sky gets difficult. Automation is the key to every lock. To make every process seamless, Trouve leaped. The application works not only for the consumer but also for the company, manufacturers and retailers. The bandwidth is beyond our measurement.
Trouve is everything that a jewellery business will ask for. With the help of this amazing tool, consumer engagement is enhanced, and that will ultimately help boost sales. Trouve shifted the traditional style of searching and finding the product and transformed it into a few seconds’ process.
To support more, every service request will be found in one place. Consumers now don’t have to fill out any form or reach multiple links for extra services like Try At-Home service, return and valuation request. Trouve will be there for your jewellery brand to suffice the need.
“Phygital” is the new trend. The founder of Unlearn Innovation believes today’s system is the complete blend of physical and digital technology. Al and ML’s right combination brought Trouve.

Creating value and improving the existing systems is the primary focus of Trouve by Unlearn Innovation. The company is all set to break the online shopping mold and trends. Unlearn Innovation is the first company to bring the visual search for a jewellery business in India. End-to-end support is provided to make the business cost-effective and efficient.
Unlearn Founder Vivek Das, and Sanjib Chatterjee churned the experience of two decades in advertising, commercializing, Innovation and Technology for Jewellery Industry. They founded Synergics Solutions in 2008, and the company since then only evolved with upper graphs.
The Co-founder, Sachin Pathak, has a decade of finance and law experience. Evaluating the right value of the jewellery business and working on the right solution excites him. To change the picture of the jewellery business, the whole team is all set to introduce the idea of Visual Search.
Today, with all the determination and entrepreneurship streak, they are all set to change the face of the jewellery industry by bringing Unlearn Innovation. They believe Innovation is the only stagnant thing driving this jewellery industry.
As the world is evolving and continues to evolve, jewellery businesses need to get on the stage to adopt technological help and support. Bringing an all-around application that helps in boosting sales and consumer experience is the smartest way to boost your jewellery business. The agenda of the company revolves around technological advancement and innovative changes.
We look forward to granting our Trouve application for your jewellery business because that’s what we are here for!
For more information, visit: www.unlearninnovate.com
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