‘The Sindhu Project’ launched to explore ancient civilisations

‘The Sindhu Project’ launched to explore ancient civilisations

Satrang Art Gallery on Wednesday exhibited ‘The Sindhu Project’ by Gunjan Kumar, an Indian-American artist and Mahwish Chishty, a Pakistani-American artist.

The Sindhu Project is a journey of research into ancient civilisations and collaboration across borders.

Gunjan and Mahwish are interested in exploring their roots and the rich cultural legacy of South Asia. The works on display explore the intricate motifs, innovative materials and architectural design of the ancient sites visited by the artists.

The event was the final stop of this exhibition that has traveled from institutions in Chicago to Lahore to New Delhi and finally to Islamabad. The Sindhu Project is the culmination of a fascinating journey of collaboration and discovery.

Born in South Asian families that had each migrated across new borders during the partition in 1947, both artists share an interest in exploring heritage, history, legacy and loss. Their work draws from the rich culture South Asia has inherited from previous civilisations. Visits to archaeological sites of the renowned Indus Valley Civilization (3300 BCE to 1300 BCE) for Gunjan and to Taxila of the Gandharan and Kushan periods (300 BCE to 400 CE) for Mahwish sparked a process of deep research, investigation, and creation for the two artists.

Gunjan’s work is an exploration of the material culture and visual design elements of Dholavira, near Bhuj in Gu-jarat and Sanghol in the Punjab, ancient sites of the renowned and technologically advanced ancient Indus Valley Civilisation.

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