The Pentiment soundtrack is now out to stream, vinyl release coming in 2023

The Pentiment soundtrack is now out to stream, vinyl release coming in 2023

Obsidian Entertainment has confirmed that the soundtrack for Pentiment is now available to stream on various streaming services, including Spotify and iTunes. If you want to own the soundtrack you can purchase the digital version too. However, if you like physical releases it may be worth waiting until 2023 when a double vinyl album is released.

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The music from Pentiment has been composed in conjunction with the group Alkemie along with performer Lingua Ignota. She performed the epilogue song Ein Traum in the game. The cover art for the album has been created by Benjamin Vierling, who used traditional elements to create the work which took approximately 20 months to complete. Obsidian Entertainment has also released a new Pentiment fan kit which includes more artwork.

In our Pentiment review, Steve wrote, “Pentiment is an excellent dialogue adventure that takes all the best aspects of Obsidian’s previous titles and marries them to a distinguished aesthetic. The whole game feels like a medieval manuscript brought to life and there is very little out there like it. While an interest in the historical setting would obviously add to the experience, the writing alone is good enough to draw any fans of adventure games in and there are so many superb details that really show the depth of the developer’s engagement with their influences. If the past is a foreign country, then grab your passports and get ready to be illuminated.”

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