Studio Mach, Collumpio House in Barcelona

Studio Mach, Collumpio House in Barcelona

On the hillsides of Barcelona, not far from Parc Güell, studio Mach has created Collumpio House (which means ‘swing house’ in Spanish), nestled between two taller residential buildings. Resting on a concrete base, which the ground floor was created on top of, the house is spread out across a further two floors with a metal supporting structure and large windows. The interiors, which revolve around a central nucleus with the bathroom and a storage area, are open spaces divided by partitions, which allow for rethinking the layout of the rooms to easily adapt to new housing needs.

At the moment, the ground floor contains two bedrooms, the first level the living room with the kitchen and the top floor an office space. The metal parts – the structure of the fronts and the internal staircase – are painted bright yellow, a colour chosen for its contrast with the surroundings but also as a tribute to the guiding tone of a famous project, the London house 22 Parkside by Richard Rogers.

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