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SIMONE | Architectural Digest India

About the Brand

SIMONE is one of India’s finest luxury home decor stores that showcases a globally sourced collection of furniture, decorative accessories, tableware, lighting solutions, wall art, carpets, fine fabrics, bed and bath linen, and more. Located in a heritage mansion in Mumbai, the store is elegantly curated with distinctive designs and a sophisticated collection showcased in conceptual areas of dining, living and lounge spaces. 

The two-storey store evokes a sense of luxury and exposes shoppers to a world of beautiful home products that are brought to life through a sensory appeal of visual stories, fragrance, music and lighting. The colour palette combines earthy tones and textures with vibrant hues accentuated by metallic sheen. 

The design philosophy of SIMONE is Nature Luxe

About the Founder

Simone Arora is the founder, designer and curator of her eponymous brand that is inspired by the beauty and textures of nature. Her signature decor style is sophisticated and elegant, understated yet luxurious. Simone brings all her talent, travel experiences and eclectic design sensibility to bear on her store. The brand is a testimony of her passion and showcases 27 years of her design experience, her keen eye for detail and her commitment to quality and perfection. 

It offers furniture, decorative accessories, tableware, lighting solutions, and more

Design Philosophy

The design philosophy of SIMONE is Nature Luxe. The quiet calm and tranquillity of nature is encased through the entire store using natural materials and textures such as wood, rock, sand, crystal, coral, metal and stone.  

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