Minnewaska BPA members qualify for State competition 

Minnewaska BPA members qualify for State competition 

The Minnewaska Business Professionals of America (BPA) had 11 of its 14 members qualify for State competition after the regional competition on January 20.  Pictured above, from left to right: front row, Leandra Graham, Tabbi Durand, Grayson Olson, Molly Hjelm, Xi Li, Daisy Lin, Katie Sorenson and Hailey Spiering; back row, Connor Quelle, Blake Nelson, Alexx Carlson, Izzy Bautista, Emara Sanow and Katy Vold. 

Minnewaska’s Business Professionals of America attended the regional competition on Friday, Jan 20 and two members, Molly Hjelm and Xi Li, were regional officers and helped put together and run the day. 

Minnewaska had 11 out of its 14 members qualify for the State competition to be held in Minneapolis in March. 

Here are the results: 

Health Administration Procedures: Molly Hjelm (3rd), Alexx Carlson (7th), Katie Sorenson (Honorable Mention)

Fundamental Desktop Publishing: Daisy Lin (1st), Tabbi Durand (7th), Izzy Bautista (Honorable Mention)

Banking & Finance: Molly Hjelm (4th)

Fundamental Word Processing: Daisy Lin (3rd)

Administrative Support Research Project: Hailey Spiering (1st)

Graphic Design Promotion: Daisy Lin (1st), Hailey Spiering (Honorable Mention)

Computer Modeling: Xi Li (1st)

Visual Design Team: Tabbi Durand, Leandra Graham, Grayson Olson (3rd)

Small Business Management Team: Blake Nelson and Connor Quelle (1st)

Ethics & Professionalism: Blake Nelson (4th), Katy Vold (Honorable Mention)

Presentation Individual: Molly Hjelm (1st)

Health Insurance & Medical Billing: Katie Sorenson (4th)

Health Leadership & Special Topics: Alexx Carlson (1st)

Financial Math & Analysis: Blake Nelson (5th)

Digital Communication & Design Concepts: Grayson Olson (5th), Tabbi Durand (6th)

Medical Terminology Concepts: Alexx Carlson (2nd), Molly Hjelm (3rd), Tabbi Durand (Honorable Mention)

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