Matrix Pro Is a Portable, Aesthetic Grid Controller

Matrix Pro Is a Portable, Aesthetic Grid Controller

DJs and musicians who are always on the move now have a new way to innovate their performance, in terms of both sound and visual aesthetics. Matrix Pro is a MIDI grid controller offering novices and industry professionals alike the tools to take their production process to the next level via sound effects, modulations and more.

For those unfamiliar with the use of a MIDI pad, it’s essentially a keyboard that allows musicians to produce music by manipulating instruments and other aspects of music software. Back in the day, MIDIs would often be hooked up to synths or sequencers, but most users today will simply attach the controller to their laptop.

While MIDI pads are often overly complicated to use or too bulky to carry around, the developers of the Matrix have created a versatile and portable pad, weighing 29 lb (13.2 kg), that provides all of the necessary functionality of a next-generation controller.

Among the key features of the Matrix is the opportunity for customization across its 64 RGB-lit keys. The design of the pad is open-source, meaning that users can freely modify the software to best suit their personal instrumental and production needs. While the Matrix comes with a default in-house operating system, it can also be used in conjunction with applications that the user themselves design, or with applications created by other members of the Matrix community.

When you plug in the pad, you’ll be greeted with a short animation, after which the in-house application will pop up onscreen. From within the app, users can control device rotation and brightness. They can also program the bottom 16 additional keys located at the bottom of the pad, as well as tune the pad to the exact layout that they want, including colors, scales, overlap of key rows and the sensitivity of keys.

One mode on the app allows users to set all the keys to one color and use it as a lighting source for a visually-enhanced performance. Another mode will flicker out the lights to cultivate an elevated light show performance.

A release date for the Matrix Pro has yet to be announced.

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