Delawness finding balance with designing and music | Entertainment

Delawness finding balance with designing and music | Entertainment

Recording artiste Delawness is a man of many talents and showcases that on his latest single Fall as he continues his journey into music.

Delawness, whose given name is Lawrence Deacon, explained that he will not discontinue his job as a graphic designer, but is more focused on finding a balance.

“Being a designer is always and foremost the priority; however, music is just another medium of expression. The music I create is the story or thoughts that inspire me to create said visual piece. The transition is simple since I always had an interest in music from a younger age. I remember asking my mom for a keyboard as a birthday gift. While doing art, it was really hard getting my ideas out fully with one medium, so I decided it’s now time to explore other mediums such as fashion and music,” he explained.

“I’m still a graphic designer. However, I have always seen myself as an artist. Most people hear graphic design they automatically think designing on a computer — it’s way more than that. While a computer is involved in the process of it all, being a graphic designer is a practice that starts with the traditional medium or art; that’s what separates me from the noise,” he added.

Fall is his fourth single; however, he explained that this track is off his upcoming project Waves and Pain.

“The music is just a section of each project that I’ve released, it’s not just music on its own. Each project is a capsule collection. With each capsule there are different types of products offered, whether it be fashion pieces, collectible art posters or other,” he shared.

Delawness said that he started designing posters and illustrations, then doing branding and brand development for musicians and artists about 2015.

“My first project in the music industry was for Warrior King. Then one project led to another. In the back of my head, I always wanted to do an album inspired by my visual art. So as time progressed, I was working on that as a project. Being a visual artist/graphic designer was a limitation for me, even though I have experienced many situations where others try to box me in,” he said.

“Sometimes it gets frustrating because I would love to think I’m a multifaceted person with many untapped talents. I intend on exploring all from my interest in architecture to product design and developments, fashion design and music production,” Delawness shared.

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