Couple Transforms Old Sink Into The Cutest Garden Pond

Couple Transforms Old Sink Into The Cutest Garden Pond

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One part of gardening that is often not talked about, or even done by many, is garden design. But this is one crucial aspect to creating an inviting space, and making a lovely atmosphere within your gardening space. Garden design can look like many different things, such as strategic planting to create visual design, movement such as water fountains or windmills, or interactive structures such as gazebos or wooden benches.

 One TikToker and home gardener @clairesusan created a visually appealing aspect in her garden by crafting a hydroponic pond out of an old sink that otherwise was withering away in her yard.

To start their sink to pond transformation the woman gets the help of her husband; together they fill the bottom drain plug with sealant and a cheap drain plug so it can hold water. After the sealant dries they fill the tub fully with water and wait 24 hours to see if there are any leaks. Once it is inspected they purchase live pond plants, some grasses, shrubs, and moss, and place them in the pond. The last step is to create a ladder incase critters fall in the pond they have a way out. To make their ladder they use round stones and stagger them leading all the way to the top of the sink brim.

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