Boulies Master Gaming Chair Review: Solid, Simple, & Sturdy

Boulies Master Gaming Chair Review: Solid, Simple, & Sturdy

The Boulies Master gaming chair is reliable and comfortable, lacking the style and luxury that other chairs in its price range might offer.

The Boulies Master gaming chair is a comfortable offering, with a minimalist visual design that belies its high level of adjustability. With a small variety of understated color options across two fabric materials, ultraflex PU leather and water-repellant fabric, the Boulies Master has a clear focus on delivering a reliable chair that should fit easily into a wide range of functions, from home/office use to gaming.

Unlike more beginner-friendly chairs like the AndaSeat Phantom 3 Series gaming chair, the Boulies Master can be difficult to put together, especially for users who aren’t used to assembling furniture. The included written instructions are brisk but informative, and an illustrated chart of the various pieces helps cut back on any confusion that might spring from the guide’s rushed style. There are also photographs of each step, but these don’t always clearly depict what the owner is meant to do. It’s strongly recommended that at least two people assemble the chair together, something the instructions themselves suggest, as more labor-intensive steps like mounting the backrest are all but impossible for one person.


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An image of the Boulies Master PC chair with its neck pillow attached, next to a small end table

Once it is assembled, the Boulies Master is a solidly comfortable chair. In the absence of a back cushion like those present in chairs like the AndaSeat Jungle 2 Series, the Boulies Master features a knob with which one can manually adjust the chair’s lumbar support, making it easy for different users to find whatever level of back support works best for them. The chair does feature a comfortable neck pillow, and while this is a boon for users whose necks might get sore after a long day of computer use, the elastic strap holding it to the chair can come loose easily if the user adjusts their position too much.

The Boulies Master also boasts impressive adjustable 4D armrests for more flexible comfort. The backrest is breathable and cool, not unlike that of the DXRacer AIR Mesh gaming chair, and it has an impressive range of motion for reclining. Unfortunately, setting the recline angle is a somewhat uncomfortable process, as the backrest starts and stops moving inconsistently and makes the user feel like they’re riding a wooden roller coaster instead of a gaming chair. Once the angle is set, though, the backrest remains as sturdy as ever. The chair also features a rocking function that can be toggled on and off, and this moves much smoother than just reclining the backrest.

At $400, the Boulies Master gaming chair is a bit of an investment, but it’s a safe one, delivering reliable comfort without any of the flashier elements associated with brands like Secretlab and its Pok√©mon crossover. The chair’s diverse adjustment options let it cater to a wide range of body types, and this flexibility helps it make up for the occasional moments of discomfort that might arise when adjusting the backrest. For people who are in the market for a reliable, comfortable, and flexible gaming chair, without the elaborate appearance of a luxury product, the Boulies Master gaming chair should be the right fit for them.

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Screen Rant was provided with a black Ultraflex PU Leather Boulies Master gaming chair for the purpose of this review.

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