Berlin, the Tegel airport becomes a science park

Berlin, the Tegel airport becomes a science park

Built in 1948 during the Berlin blockade, Tegel Airport closed for good in November 2020. Work is now underway to give new life to these five square kilometres northwest of the capital – just eight kilometres from the city centre – where over the next decade a science-technology park, a centre for research and start-ups dedicated to urban technologies, will be built. The project, called Berlin TXL, the Urban Tech Republic, is the work of Tegel Projekt, a public company commissioned by the Berlin state government, and also includes the construction of the Schumacher Quartier – a residential area covering about 46 hectares, with over 5,000 dwellings for 10,000 new inhabitants – and a 215-hectare green area developed by the state-owned company Grün Berlin.

In addition to the scientific research campus, the masterplan includes a manufacturing area, commercial spaces with hotels, restaurants, exhibition and conference pavilions, and other housing (four thousand units) for the nearby districts of Cité Pasteur and TXL Nord. In the retail area, both the terminal and the control tower of the old airport are being preserved as landmarks. The first things to be built will be the classrooms and laboratories for the 2,500 students of the new campus of the Berliner Hochschule für Technik University.
Berlin TXL will be equipped with a low energy consumption grid, with the creation of dedicated energy communities. Thanks to the Futur Hub it will be possible to carry out smart monitoring of traffic, water, air and noise. The Bauhütte 4.0 innovation cluster, Wood to City, will have the task of developing a sustainable and economical industrial model for wood-based construction. The masterplan is the result of a participatory process that began in 2008, with public workshops and teams of international designers. The time schedule foresees the completion of part of the works already in 2027, while the completion of the works is scheduled for 2040.

Square in the residential neighbourhood. (Courtesy Tegel Projekt)

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