Bathroom as an oasis of wellbeing: all the latest news

Bathroom as an oasis of wellbeing: all the latest news

Chiara Maranzana captions Alessia Pincini

Warm colours and a wide range of materials and finishes: more and more attention is being lavished on the oasis of wellbeing of the home, with bathroom fixtures displaying a sophisticated, sculptural quality

Paintings on the walls, refined materials and fine finishes: with its role as an oasis of wellbeing now firmly established, the bathroom has moved up another place in the list of favourite rooms in the home, becoming the mirror of those who use it, capable of expressing tastes and preferences. “It’s now on a par with all the other rooms,” says Giulio Cappellini, art director of Ceramica Flaminia. “Small it may be, but it is now being made into a really welcoming place. This is a room to escape to; its colour scheme soft and warm, its lighting understated.”

Ceramic is still the main protagonist, but other materials, like marble and wood are popular now too, both for floors and for wall panelling, often in a ribbed version. However, stoneware remains a firm favourite for giving personality and character to the space, “which could be in a more neutral, minimal style, or part of the now very fashionable hyper-decorated look,” says Leonardo Tavani, Vice President of Marketing & Distribution for Marazzi Group. “Bold colours are back in, along with macro-floral and geometric motifs, digitally printed onto large sheets to clad entire walls, including those in the shower. The combination of ‘macro’ and ‘micro’ is another interesting development: big formats on walls, floors and bathroom tops are interacting with small tiles that are rediscovering the beauty of authentic ceramics, the result of a new industrial craftsmanship that has been developed in our workshops in recent years.”

MARGRAF, GRADINA, DESIGN JEAN-MICHEL WILMOTTE A collection of washbasins and shower tray made from large blocks of Fior di Pesco Carnico, an Italian marble in shades that vary from grey and ivory to pink. 244×76.9 cm, height 86.5 cm.

Nor have bathroom fixtures been overlooked in this innovative overhaul, thanks to the particular interest there has been in ceramic materials. “Shapes are rounder, surfaces are more tactile,” says Cappellini. “Technology has also made it possible to extend the expressive range of products, with three-dimensional patterns, such as wave-like surfaces, which can now also be produced on an industrial scale.” A sculptural aesthetic that invites us to touch.

NIC, TRAMA, DESIGN STUDIO63 Console with solid iroko structure and steel core, width 95 cm. Cement-coloured ceramic washbasin with storage compartment in the basin and black brass Solo single-lever mixer tap. White ceramic tray and mirror-storage unit. All with a matt finish.

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